LEAP GSOC Progress report, no4

I mostly spent time debugging problems i introduced while implementing #5785 and #5788 in bitmask client. I think the two last commits in pull 668 finally get things working in client for these two tickets. Also i rebased feature/5788 branch against feature/5785, so the request contains commits for both features.

The new macro ‘pick_node’ introduced by elijah in leap_platform:develop, is finally used in obfsproxy.json service definition to pick a vpn gateway address. See last commit.

At the moment, i’m working on #5841. Assumptions made in leap_platform affect decisions on the client side, although things can still be changed. For example, obfsproxy service will always be deployed along with openvpn, so as long as provider provides ‘openvpn’ and client has enabled it, we can assume the same goes for obfsproxy. On the other hand, user should still have a (gui) option to have eip over obfsproxy or not. I expect to push some commits soon on that issue.

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