Entropy gathering changes in Debian Buster

Alternative title: Using RDRAND to cope with early boot entropy starvation This blog post, as well as the described investigation, was a joint effort of Alexandros Afentoulis and Nikos Kormpakis. It was published at https://engineering.skroutz.gr/blog/entropy-changes-in-debian/ Intro At Skroutz we operate a wide variety of services comprising the ecosystem behind Skroutz.gr, a comparison shopping engine which evolved to an e-commerce marketplace. We run these services on our own infrastructure, bare metal servers and virtual machines. [Read More]

Sweet Debian Packaging

Some days ago, thanks to apoikos’ sponsorship, I got my first package accepted in Debian! https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/pytest-flask And I will maintain it within the Debian Python Modules Team. Woooooooohoo! I snatched at the occasion to create something sweet, a tiramisu. But a tiramisu alone would not be something remarkable. I wanted to adorn it in a Debian-ish theme. So I asked a friend, an elite practitioner of the sugar-fu, to create some cupcake-packages and… look at these sweet, edible little packages! [Read More]